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Tuesday January 12th 2009

Show 2 for 2010:

Stuff you might like to know about:
Alyson had a great time at the Portarlington Mussel Festival, breathtesting the patrons to ensure they didn't drive home drunk!  (One of her many volunteer occupations).

Wednesday 27th January, 6pm at Beav’s Bar
Gold Coin Entry

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Robyn and family had a great time at the first Geelong Night Market for the year - great food, great music, great weather and a good variety of stallholders.  The night markets continue on every Friday night in January.  See here for an article about the markets in the Geelong Independent.

Can those Geelong Citizens who took advantage of parking inspector industrial action last year and parked without paying tickets expect retrospective parking fines?  Reports in the Geelong Addy suggest this may be the case.

Newsorthy from the Geelong Advertiser: Roxxy the sex robot has arrived.  Alyson is impressed!

Encounters with Huntsman spiders mean fun for all the family...

Hot Club Swing are appearing at the Queenscliff Uniting Church Saturday 24th January 8pm.

"Best Dress" Rosie Burgess from her "Wait for the world" album
"Hearts Club Band" Martha Wainright from her album "I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too"
"My Place in This World" Eli Wolfe
"Clean Dirt" The Rooftops from their "Clean Dirt" EP
"Last Cigarette" Sue Ray from "Home - a collection of songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Artists."
"Sew my name" Josh Pyke from his "Chimney's Afire" album.
"Underlying Message" Bubsy Marou
"One Way Road" John Butler Trio from their 5th studio album, "April Uprising".

People we spoke to:
Alyson told us all about "words@deakin" - a student literary society at Deakin University including the Launch of the "Red Issue".

Sam Kekovich called from New York to update us on his campaign to have Australia Day declared "International Australia Day" and take the battle against un-Australianism to the global stage.

Jo Langdon from our valued sponsor, Angus& Robertson Books bought a selection of books to review for us, including:
"The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Anderson
"The Little Red Fish" by Taeeun Yoo
"Herding Kites: A celebration of Australian writing" a joint initiative of the National Young Writers Festival and Affirm Press, marking ten years of the NYWF.

Christopher Zinn from Choice Magazine about a warning issued by Choice about certain plastics used in food packaging.

Amy O'Brien from the Barwon Regional Waste Management Group on how to avoid food (and other packaging in the first place).

Charles Gallacher from the Queenscliff Uniting Church about their concert program and summer film nights.

Credits and thanks:
Alyson for co-hosting the first hour
Kevin for watching and learning
Thanks team!

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  1. Thank Goodness for you Robyn. I was just talking about how I was looking forward to Sam's Australia Day message. Thanks for the link on the blog. Great work with the blog, it keeps a Geelong resident playing in Warrnambool upto date!